Gamers are potential influencers, not just Consumers!

Gamers should be a vital part of the audience strategy for game developers and other companies involved in the Gaming Industry. It has been seen that Gamers are treated as just consumers who play games and buy products online. Their Game reviews must be seen as most important than compared to gaming websites as gamers evaluate and review games in a different way from websites. In fact, Gamers are high influencers and trendsetters who just don’t buy Online games but are also an attractive audience who can facilitate selling or marketing of any product online. Gamers buy Premium products. They…

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by Bon Jovi
April 3, 2020

Online gaming sees a boom with Millions at home due to coronavirus

Online gaming has proved a welcome diversion for many people chafing at movement restrictions, the cancellation of countless public events and a relentless onslaught of

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by Balboa
March 29, 2020

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